Postcard from Maine (9)

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5-14-14Portland Head_61seconds From a particularly productive morning… it had snowed on my way from Bangor to Portland. I had a work-related meeting that day in the city, so figured what the hey… I might as well get an early start and see if I could take advantage of the first light.

Take a walk on the path to the left of the lighthouse and you begin to get a completely different view of the scene, especially at low tide since you can scamper down onto the rocks in search of interesting foreground elements. This can officially be called the “blue-hour” – some time before the sun makes an appearance, yet when there is still enough early morning light to illuminate the landscape. There were some fast-moving clouds overhead, and of course the waves washing on and off shore – throughout that, the striking Portland Head Lighthouse beacon illuminated the morning.

I did what…

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brie bites with sugared cranberries

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Brie Bites  with Sugared Cranberries |

Oh my gosh!  I can’t believe the holidays are here and that means parties galore. Whether you’re hosting a party or need to bring something to one, why not give this recipe a try? These Brie Bites with Sugared Cranberries will make a stunning addition to any holiday table and is a wonderful accompaniment to the festive cocktails of the season. It’s made with rich and creamy Brie cheese and topped with sugar-frosted cranberries. They make a simple, yet elegant appetizer. It’s  actually quite easy to make, but it requires some planning as the fresh cranberries are best when soaked in simple syrup overnight. 

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Sarah Malakoff – Second Nature

The PhotoBook


Copyright Sarah Malakoff 2013 published by CHARTA

Sarah Malakoff (b. 1972 Wellesley, MA and resides in Boston, MA) chose to photograph a subject that she knows well, the interior living spaces found in the greater Boston area where she was born and raised.

Her pensive photographs are characterized by a warmth and intimacy. These are not the staged interior photographs found in advertisements or glossy interior decorating magazines so common in America. The beds are ruffled and unmade, a box of clothing lies haphazard under a bed, a board game is askew on top of a table, and there are particles of soot lying on top of the carpet in front of the blazing fire, leaves and debris on the kitchen floor adjacent to the sliding door and the many lounging animals, both real and inanimate. Nevertheless her interiors are still a bit too clean and tidy, bordering on sterile…

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Why We Weed: Book Deselection in Academic Libraries

Mr. Library Dude

Weeding – withdrawing books from the library’s collection – is one those dreaded librarian tasks. It usually sits on the back burner – other projects are often more pressing, or it’s simply being avoided. However, it’s an important task and one that can be fraught with controversy.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 6.17.37 PM

Public libraries which frequently need to refresh their collections to offer bestsellers often pop up in the news when it comes to weeding books – mostly for not doing the job well – see Urbana Free Library in Illinois, Fairfax County Libraries in Virginia, and Davenport Public Library in Iowa.

For academic libraries, the process seems to be a taboo subject. News about book weeding occasionally bubbles to the surface (see Emporia State University in Kansas, the University of North Dakota law libraryNicholls State University in Louisiana, and the University of New South Wales in Australia). After all, the library is…

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Tip of the Week: Second set of C4 Framework Cards is out

History Tech

I started using the idea of the four C’s several years ago when we began work on revising the Kansas state social studies standards. I liked the idea that lessons and units could be structured around four basic teaching and learning concepts:

  • Collect
  • Collaborate
  • Create
  • Communicate

Ask kids to gather and organize information. Encourage them to work with others to make sense of information. Support students as they create new products and solutions. Validate student work by finding ways for them to share out what they know.

It wasn’t necessarily a new concept. But for most social studies teachers wrestling with the expectation that historical thinking skills (rather than basic historical knowledge) were the key to a successful classroom, the C4 Framework made sense. It helped them begin to organize the teaching and learning around the notion of doing of history rather than focusing on rote memorization. So I continued…

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Fixing Terrible Economics Presentations II: Guide for the Audience


In an earlier post, I outlined several all-too-common flaws in economics seminar presentations. Those comments were directed toward the presenter. However, having a valuable seminar is not just the responsibility of the speaker — the audience shares in the experience and yes there are some guidelines for being a good seminar participant. I’m going to use this post to address some of the more troublesome infractions of seminar etiquette for participants.  

1. Read the paper in advance! — Just kidding. It’s quite common for seminar participants to go into a seminar “blind” so to speak. Not reading the paper isn’t a sin. If you can read it ahead of time that can be good but it shouldn’t be necessary if the presenter has done his or her job. You have the right to expect to go into a seminar and learn the main points of the paper without having to study the…

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robs msn site

MSN Messenger

New updates, that you do not want to miss. If you are using a Microsoft phone and it is below 8.0 you want to read this post. How to enable dev apps in the old Lumia phones. L800 look at the app store, would you believe it. Best to read this post in all its integrity.

I was just typing on MSN messenger it was really difficult. I was trying to write a poem so I could come back here later and add to the website.

So here is the poem at MSN website and remember originally this blog was made by transferring an MSN blog to WordPress. They offered the transfer when they phased it out. Not long after they phased out Google Wave. Then the phased out Google share. Its only a matter of time before Google if it so decides Google + is no longer needed.


Dot dot dot
dash dash dash
This poem is a mismash
I spec on the borders
And a glitch on the frame

It goes rickerty racket, rickerty racket
Always and always sounding the same

Dot dot
Dash dash
Another rehash
Of one of those poems
That makes the whole floor groan

And as I speak the floor boards go
(you guessed it) rickerty racket, squeak squeak squeak.

Its only a matter of time till I fix it
And when I do I do some other stuff.