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MSN Messenger

New updates, that you do not want to miss. If you are using a Microsoft phone and it is below 8.0 you want to read this post. How to enable dev apps in the old Lumia phones. L800 look at the app store, would you believe it. Best to read this post in all its integrity.

I was just typing on MSN messenger it was really difficult. I was trying to write a poem so I could come back here later and add to the website.

So here is the poem at MSN website and remember originally this blog was made by transferring an MSN blog to WordPress. They offered the transfer when they phased it out. Not long after they phased out Google Wave. Then the phased out Google share. Its only a matter of time before Google if it so decides Google + is no longer needed.


Dot dot dot
dash dash dash
This poem is a mismash
I spec on the borders
And a glitch on the frame

It goes rickerty racket, rickerty racket
Always and always sounding the same

Dot dot
Dash dash
Another rehash
Of one of those poems
That makes the whole floor groan

And as I speak the floor boards go
(you guessed it) rickerty racket, squeak squeak squeak.

Its only a matter of time till I fix it
And when I do I do some other stuff.


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