Bob’s Media Ecology

Bob’s Media Ecology is a nice timeless album produced by the author of the blog that I am reposting. I have spoken to him very briefly on Achieve Radio and downloaded a couple of his Youtube videos. If you get chance have a listen to the album. Thanks Dave.

David Newfeld: producer, artist, sonic architect

Bob in McDonald's

David Newfeld, under the alias “Producers For Bob,” and in association with Executive Producer, Nelson Thall, created and produced two albums highlighting the philosophy and wordplay of the inimitable Bob Dobbs (pictured above). Newfeld’s association with Dobbs dates back to his years in college radio, via “The International Connection” on Toronto’s CKLN (88.1 FM). “I basically culled through cassettes of Bob’s radio show,” Newfeld told one interviewer, “picked out the stuff I thought could be understood by anyone and weaved it together with MIDI music I’d generated for the record.”


Bob’s Media Ecology (Time Again Productions Inc., 1992) is a landmark cut-up recording, fusing Bob’s radio speech with a musical melting pot that bubbles over with warped house beats, skronky guitar bleats, sublime MIDI meditations, and all-you-can-eat sonic explorations.

01. Everything’s Disappeared    02. Our Electronic Paralysis
03. Bob’s Auditory Imagination   04. Under…

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