MSN Silverlight Expression Howto Video

MSN Silverlight Expression means many people wishing to have static sites that look awesome as well as perform well in site engines will now be possible. In this post you will find out what to do, where to go and I will also attach a video to show you a simple way you can create an effectively optimised search friendly icon image with a place where you can download an image that will make your Facebook profile look a whole lot better!

A graphical description of a very simple xhtml ...

Image via WikipediaWelcome to my MSN Site my name is Robert bridge, here you will find a number of helpful and hopefully educational video’s about new media, old media and the difference between the two. In this post I am focusing on the new MSN Expression open source software which I believe will take open source software development to the next level.

Many designer’s use and create applications with open source software, the flashy bonuses if you do not know use different scripts. They can be anything from JavaScript, to CSS, PHP, HTML is very popular with static websites, XHTML is what you want to learn to create cool Facebook community pages with special buttons so people like your page. XHTML is relatively new although Facebook developers have used it for 7 years it has only recently become open source as I am sure you are aware if you are still following what is being said.

For people wanting to get into website development business owners, people who wish to take their ROI profile to the next level, or people who wish to change from WordPress but are worried about loosing traffic this is for you and you should consider this new information very seriously. MSN Expression are currently offering free video’s to educate you on how to use it. Now they have their own designer which you can download for free. Many of you who already have a Photoshop licence will be to some extent gutted because MSN have created something very special, however you will have to understand yet another computer language, luckily like Photoshop this text is all created internally and will help you design the specifications within the video’s.

An Introduction to Silverlight

Silverlight is a downloadable freebie from MSN and is not to be confused with Silverlight for watching movies online. That being said it is something similar and is something most people if not already, will have on their computers very soon.

The Silverlight is able to read the new text script, the text script helps you view images, these images are perfect quality and zoom in and out as you please. The images can be designed as such they are search optimised, that is the individual labels of images can be indexed in the search engines and can also move around the page in relation to the search you provide. If you do not know what this means well I suggest you go over to Expression NOW and find out.

I have gone through a few video’s from Microsoft and will be attending more, their first seminar was this week and it was only released this week to for me to give you instructions on something as new as this would be pointless however I always recommend you press the subscribe button. So lets end shall we by posting a video which may or may not appeal to you.


You can improve your Favicon Image here on by watching and hopefully following the step by step instructions that I have filmed for you in the Youtube video included , you can use this in your Favicon image or you can just post it on Facebook profile to impress your friends. Have a nice day and I will do my best to keep you posted.

The new text on MSN Silverlight Expression is called I think SGML but do not quote me on that I spent all day yesterday watching their short step by step video’s, so for now please watch the above video; have a nice day.

Robert Bridge



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