2011 Blogging For MSN

This year is a good year for bloggers, mainly because it has never been easier. The are a couple of reasons why, in this post I will mention a few.

Why are you blogging with MSN?

MSN has recently merged with WordPress, you can goto your page now and register a free WordPress blog and import all your older WordPress blog posts into your new WordPress. This is very easy however is not yet perfected yet and the importing process is not yet perfected, perhaps’ it’s just me. Please leave any comments below if you agree or disagree because I would like to know.

Blogging tools built into WordPress are very special, such as by using WordPress.org paid sites you still have to log into WordPress.com a free site to get your Akismet password. You can even if your clever blend the blogs together so you get the best of both worlds. One you can add the like button the yellow star that comes with WordPress.com and two you get some cool features that allow posting icons for people who comment. This encourages real people to comment and not people who are just looking for back links with false claims of providing you with back links. Sometimes this is not true, many people are very genuine and considerate with their approach to improve with SEO. But that is the more technical side of blogging.

Getting Creative with WordPress

For creative and sociable bloggers you have some great tools that have been about for a few years now but for 2011 you will find that these tools are built into WordPress.com so you may no longer need the extensions on whatever browser you are using. A great example of this is the Zeemanta application. I like Zeemanta because it gives me a quick way of getting a relevant image without searching on Google or worrying about whether an image is a copyright image that could be an infringement risk with your terms and services. Anything on Zeemanta is Open Source and shared as such. You should always keep the link source of any images although you can alter anchor text and links which is good because it supports keyword optimisation.


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