New Year

Soon it will be a New Year and we can expect more new stuff online. New films, new songs new ways of thinking about things, people will begin to introduce new paradigms. We will begin to see a whole new influx of content, this content will will get inevitably shared with more people and these people, you and I will make these new things much more popular. So what does that mean and what effect will this have on your New Year?

As each New year comes we see another reflection of the previous years achievements, some of these the majority celebrate and others find it more difficult to make there way into the mainstream. With quality comes quantity as each individual celebrates the validity and entertainment value of each new part of our planets creativity. As the sands of time move we move this is just one example of why New Year is so popular.

By defining the word popular we can begin to understand the matriarchal system of anything we can share, after-all if I do not think it is good and you also do not think it is good then there is no common ground. This is popular, being popular is something we are taught at school. We listen to popular music because we know and like the words and rhythms, we like popular films and there sequels because we know what to expect. The narratives and stories change in celebration of the new technology introduced. The lifestyles of people possibly you inspire writers again possibly you to base their assumptions of what is popular by the demographics and analytics of three things.

  1. The amount of friends you have compared to the amount of creativity made.
  2. Striking features that distinguish you as deemed popular, likeable and original.
  3. Above all else a residing repetition of content with pre-emptive predictability.

New year is a time when reflection becomes shrouded by news, by the measurement of that years creativity or the possible trails that lead to next years future.

New years raise enthusiasm and forge new ideologies and hope to create new ethics this is why people read books and want to be at the front end of watching films. For some ages less restrained by patterns the links between games, books and films are an important part of climbing the ladder of what is popular. So resist the popularity and rise above the silence and claim not to be popular but they too are like the Pied Piper. Next year the tune that comes out their instrument if loud enough will be next years recommended popularity, finding the source of all information within any New Year is often based on these and other principles. I wish to explore these principles more and find out more about human nature today and the freedom we all share and celebrate, will you join me in this mission?


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